Best Skills Build for Abby in Last of Us 2

It has not been long since the sequel version of The Last of Us: Remastered arrived, and yet it has already become a huge success. The game has acquired the top-notch position for the post consecutive two weeks in UK Chart: 3DS Game also performs quite similarly across the world. The game contains various characters that are with or against Ellie.

Abby is one of the most ideal choices of gamers. Even though she is a notorious villain and often seems to oppose Ellie, Abby’s elegance and persona are enough to hide; the negativity is flowing inside her. In this article, we will brief the gamers to know how to build Abby’s character in the most precise way. Below we have accumulated all the necessary information in a workaround required for building the best skills in Abby’s character.

About Abby

Before proceeding towards the process, let us first brief the gamers about Abby through a more detailed description. Abby is an active member of the group, which is called Wolves. She is quite muscular and tall enough to break the norms for women. She believes in hitting her opponent or enemies harder; however, this often leads to slow down her movements. Thus, she is a perfect offensive character, and if it builds correctly, she might even become one of the most potent amongst other ones. There are four prime sections where Abby needs skill inflation, and below, we have specifically briefed out all of them.

Skill Tree of Abby

The most vital skill attribute that gamers have to check-in character is the Skill Tree. Every character has a different Skill Tree and here are Abby’s Skill tree:

Field Tactics

  • The gamers have to focus on the second, Increased Health II because it is quite worth it. However, if the gamers lack the points, then it is advisable to remain with the first health bar.
  • The gamers must be quite keen to increase the hearing range of their character, and to accomplish that; they have to upgrade the Listen Mode Range skill.
  • The gamers also have to invest in the Hold Breath skill because it will improve Abby’s concentration ability. The gamers should upgrade this skill as it is quite necessary for better aiming.
  • The gamers also need to invest their points to upgrade the Listen Mode Clarity because it will improve the hearing skill of Abby.
  • Increased Health I is the necessary upgrade for Abby.

Convert Ops

  • The gamers have to focus on crafting the Shivs because it will spy over the clickers and enemies.
  • The gamers have to upgrade the Faster Prone Movement skill because it will enhance Abby’s movement speed.
  • The players also have to focus on Grabbed Enemy Movement skill because it will help them to surpass the movement speed of the enemies.
  • Although it is an alternative option for the gamers to invest in Listen Mode Movement Speed skill because it will only increase their movement speed up to 50%, however, it will conceive a lot of points, thus if the gamers have extra points, then they must invest in this skill.
  • This is the best advice for the gamers to Craft at least six Shivs.

Close Quarters

  • The gamers have to invest in Momentum Duration skill because they must increase the time duration for Abby’s one-hit shot.
  • The gamers have to upgrade the Faster Health Kits s will increase the stability of Abby while aiming.
  • It is an option for the gamers to increase 50% more skill of Aim Stability. We advise them to upgrade the skill if they have extra points.
  • It is quite necessary to upgrade the Momentum skill because it will increase Abby’s one-hit kill ability.

Fire Arms

  • The gamers have to increase the Incendiary Shells’ Crafting to improve the ammo aspects.
  • The gamers require to invest in the Faster Aim Movement, so improving the ability to aim alongside it also increases Abby’s speed while she aims at a foe.
  • The gamers have to increase the Crafting of Hunting Pistol Ammo to inflate the ammo stock.
  • This is an optional upgrade if gamers have extra points, they could craft several more Incendiary Shells.
  • This is an optional upgrade if gamers have extra points, they could craft More Hunting Pistol Ammo.


  • The gamers must have to upgrade the Improved Pipe Bombs skill because it increases its damage inflicting ability. It is a necessary upgrade, and we advise the gamers to accomplish it as soon as possible.
  • The gamers have to upgrade the Melee Weapon to improve their durability.
  • The gamers have to invest their points in upgrading the silencers because it increases the weapon’s round shooting ability.
  • The gamers have to increase the Crafting of More Pipe Bombs to increase the stock.
  • Faster Crafting is one of the most necessary upgrades that gamers have to do because it will increase their crafting speed up to 100%.


The article contains information about the famous action-adventure game, The Last of Us 2. In this article, we have provided information about Abby, one of the most popular characters of The Last of Us 2. We have briefed about the best character build upgrades for Abby, and we hope that gamers who have visited this article will find it helpful.

The Last of Us 2 can be played on PS4.

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